So You Want To Get Involved With Our Sunset Yoga Bonfire Events?

We’re always looking for kind, mindful humans who are looking to contribute to the growth of our community. 

Whether you’re a yoga instructor, DJ, live musician, fire spinner, hula hooper, chef, social media manager, event coordinator, copywriter, or someone with some free time who just wants to help us grow… we could use your help!

We’re on a mission to create a platform that connects mindful people all around the world. 

Our events are a magical slice of heaven intended to be the place you go once a week to recharge mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

We like to describe it as a ‘mindful utopia’. 

But just like any community, ours is only as strong as the contributions of our members. 

We rely on people like you who are inspired by what we’ve built, to add your own unique talents and sprinkle of love to help bring our events to life. 

If you’re someone who would like to:

get in on the ground floor of something truly special.
make unbelievable, lifelong connections with like-minded people
become a leader in your local community
and use your gifts and talents to help build something greater than yourself

…then you’re in the right place. 

We’re currently looking for support volunteers who are interested in helping to grow and expand our events, as well as talented performers who are looking to share their gifts with our local community.

To get involved, simply choose your path and fill out your information below!


Become a member of our dream team.


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